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BBE 17/07/21

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Muesli Fruit & Nut April 21 BB April 21

The Truth About BBE?

Are you doing your bit in helping to save not only the planet but also our dwindling world resources? also at the same time save some money? Every day in the world we are throwing away ‘MILIONS’ of perfectly good food and drink products, not because they are nasty to eat or drink or are likely to cause some kind of illness? Well we all know that products with a ‘BBE’ (Best Before End of the printed date) date stamped on the product does not mean you should throw them away, (BBE is totally different to Eat by or Use by dates anybody selling the latter past their date could face prosecution or worse) but yet millions of these perfectly normal products are still thrown away causing immeasurable damage to our environment and world resources.

Going back to the introduction of the Use by & BBE which was originally introduced to keep some kind of control on food and drinks manly where big shops and supermarkets were buying in food and drink products from all over the world, as time has moved on the ‘Public Health & Trading Standards have been involved in maintaining the control on these products, although these two standards are totally different, the main one Eat by or Use by dates helps stop food poisoning, covering the fresh products we use like Milk, Fresh Fish, Fresh Meat, etc.

Although the BBE was set up at the same time as the Use by or Eat by dates, the BBE is totally different and things like Toys, DIY products and other non food products can have a BBE date displayed on the products, as after this BBE date some kind of changes may take place in the BBE marked product like slight discolouring as the colour pigment in some products including Food and Drink may become a lighter shade of the original colour, etc.

It is also very rare for these food & drinks produce to become unfit for its original purpose of eating or drinking as long as it has been processed, packed and stored as it was intended,  just the same as if it was within or outside of the BBE date.

So coming back to our original question why are millions of food and drink products thrown away every day? Well for many of these products it cost more for the manufacture to take the forthcoming expiring dated food & drinks back for recycling or repacking, although many manufactures have special deals with big companies who buy high volumes of their products and any products that the wholesaler or retailer has not sold and they believe the short date remaining on the product may affect the sales of the product so they throw the short dated products away and the manufacture replenish the short dated products with long dated products For Free?

So why don’t the Big retailers sell the short dated products off at a reduced price? Well to a point some do but it is not in the interest to keep selling short dated food off cheap, they need to assign a special area to sell this off cheap, away from its normal place which in a supermarket is very limited and valuable space, also if they sell a thousand tins of peas at 25% of the normal shelf price the normal expensive peas would not sell and would soon become the tomorrows 25% special clearance at the same time the retailer will be making a loss on every 25% tin they sell. Also if they only reduced the short dated product by a small amount not only would they not sell any but the valuable space is now costing money for displaying the products nobody wants. (Another point is if someone went for a tin of Peas at a pound and they instead bought 4 x tins of discounted peas for £1 they would not eat anymore just because they were cheap but they may not want any more for 3 weeks instead of the following week so the supermarket may lose 3 weeks sales on their special offer, it may also come to a point that if they found several of these clearance lines they may not even revisit the supermarket for a couple of weeks.

Why Not Make the BBE Date Longer?

So if the short dated product is still perfect to eat or drink after the BBE date why don’t they make the BBE date longer?

This is another story but in a nutshell, Short BBE dates encourage retailers ‘buying and selling their food and drinks to keep turnover’ although some end users would never dream of using any food or drinks that is past their BBE date not even by a day? (although most BBE food and drink products taste just as good a long time past their BBE date) some may taste just as good several years past their BBE date. Many products also now are fitted with a click the lid to show if the contents have been subjected to air that may start a change to the product.

Because of the way some end users now buy their food and drinks especially at the supermarket by rooting through the shelf for the longest dates (date Hunters) as supermarkets like to keep their shelves full so the customer thinks this is a well stocked store? (if the new stock was a very long dates more people would pull out the long dates but for most a few days difference does it really matter? while the smaller shops tent to only refill their shelves when they are empty to stop the date hunters.

Because of this the supermarket along with large wholesalers and buying groups also like to keep their stock constantly turning over, so it is also easier if they don’t have loads of pallets the same long BBE date on when it comes to stock rotation.

But now with the terrible Pandemic is changing all our lives maybe forever the rolls are now changing and in or out of the BBE is not so much a problem for many and getting the food and drinks is now the main priority as long as it has been stored correctly why not fill your cupboards and at the same time save a load of money?

In our Brighouse Shop we offer Real Bargains on Long Dated or Short Dated Stock by the way we are able to by our stock like out 3 x 330ml cans of popular pops for under a pound, while at the same time we can offer some short or a few past the BBE date at amazing low prices see our websites for more details https// or https// you won’t be disappointed?


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