2125 11386 C75 Birthday Birthday Wishes

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2125 11386 C75 Birthday Birthday Wishes

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2125 11386 C75 Birthday Birthday Wishes a Golfing Theme Card

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A Guide to searching for the right card for you, the prefix Numbers are for our reference, followed by the size of the card (e.g. C50 see info below on sizes) Followed by the cards classification for searching e.g. Male, Open, Daughter, Birthday these help you find the right card by searching our site also help in search engine searches, Then is the Front cover description and words along with type of card e.g. Fun, Cute?

Greeting Card, Paper & Envelope Sizes

A4 = C4, A4 Folded in ½ = A5 = C5, A5 Folded in 4 = A6 = C6, A4 Folded in 3 = DL

A4 or C4 = 229 mm x 324 mm = 9” x 12.8”  This is the most popular printed sheet of paper

A5 or C5 = 162 mm x 229 mm       6.4” x 9” this is the most popular size for Flyers

DL = almost ⅓ of a A4 110 mm x 220 mm This is the most popular Statement size envelope.

A6 or C6 = 114 mm x 162 mm       4.5“ x 6.4“

A7 or C7 = 81 mm x 114 mm         3.2“ x  4.5“

A8 or C8 = 57 mm x 81 mm           2.2“ x 3.2“  This size is often used as Business Cards

C35            132 x 88mm    This is often used as a small Birthday and Greeting Invitation Card

C50        133 x 191mm      This A5 Size is often used as the most popular Birthday and Greeting Card. Classified as Letter Size.

C55-II    125 x 235mm      This is a popular Tall Thin Looking Card Very Popular Size Card. Classified as Letter Size.

C75-JJ    155 x 225mm      This is the larger popular Special Occasion Size for Cards. Classified as Large Letter Size.

C90-NN 175 x 255mm     This larger size is often used for Wedding Cards. Classified as Large Letter Size.

All the sizes are given in good faith as a rough guide and are approximately only.


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