Traditional Dairy Ice Creams

Traditional Dairy Ice Creams are basically made the same way as they have been for over a hundreds years, although how they are produced with the modern machines is far away from the early days when it was suggested Marco Polo discovered this fantastic Ice Cream in China, taking this new found delight back to Italy which is known as worlds leading manufacture of Ice Cream Products. There is a lot of confusion about this and it was more likely Marco Polo Discovered a frozen rice and milk mix which was used as a popular dessert in ancient China in the 16th Century although this may have been the start of the Ice Cream as we know it? What ever the truth these days most manufactures produce in massive batch freezers in Dairy Farms and Industrial Estates ALL around the World making this the most popular Frozen Desert Treat in the World. Although not all manufactures use fresh milk and many now use a powdered milk that makes the Ice Cream the same consistence all year round? Although not as many flavors as Gelato this Dairy Ice Cream still has it’s own share of delicious flavors to suit everyone’s tastes?

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