Dairy Free Ice Cream

Dairy Free Ice Cream! or is it really Ice Cream?


Well you may be surprised to know that in America and most of the world declared that to call Ice Cream as Ice Cream? It had to have a minimum fat content of 10% and original most Ice Creams were produced with Full Fat milk and if that wasn’t enough they also added Cream and Butter to ensure the 10% Fat was achieved? (no wonder some ice cream lovers unfortunately added a few extra pounds).

Anyway with the world becoming aware of the increasing waistlines some countries including Great Britain reduced the amount of fat content to a minimum of 5% and made it still eligible to be called Ice Cream, the plot thickens as some manufactures excluded as they say ‘Real Dairy Milk’ altogether and replaced it with various other fat contents just so they could still call it Ice Cream?

So some Ice Cream Manufactures produced an Gluten Free Ice Cream or non-dairy frozen dessert as they now call this Dairy Free Low Fat Ice Cream, using a powdered or liquid reconstituted skimmed milk mixed with loads of water and added several other ingredients like Almonds, Coconut Milk, Peanut Butter, Soya Milk, Rice Milk, Oat Milk etc. although it may be an healthier option to the Dairy Ice Cream beware as it all depends on different makes and different flavours and as there is no real control as to what constitutes the contents of a ‘Non-Dairy Frozen Desert’ the contents of these can vary tremendously so please be aware of these variations along with some using high Fat, High Sugar, also most are Gluten Free, although some of the flavours or additives used may have concerns for some people with allergies.

Having said all that it is a known fact that some reports and studies of this believe high levels of milk can or may affect humans above childhood and may also affect a person’s brain function? Another point some people are swayed towards the plant content of Ice Cream against the Real Dairy Ice Cream is it is reputed that the high fat content in Real Dairy Ice Cream blocks the tongs taste censers and after the initial first taste any following after taste is blocked or ignored by the tongs taste buds?

So back to the beginning is Non-Dairy Ice Cream, Ice Cream or Non-Dairy Frozen Desert! well whatever your view on this matter I can tell you it tastes GOOD to me! why not give it a go I guarantee you will be blown away with the difference in taste?

This is a typical list of contents from one of our Non-Dairy Ice Cream Makers without any extra flavours or colourings.

Water, Sugar, Reconstituted Skimmed Milk, Powdered Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil, Dextrose, Buttermilk, Whey Powder (Milk) Stabilisers, (E412, E415, E407), Emulsifiers (E471), Vanilla Flavours.

Allergy Advice See Underlined Contents.