Our Fantastic Flavours

Vanilla: This original Ice Cream Flavour is still the most popular flavour in the world although there are now a few other flavours snapping at its heals, although it is by far still the most popular and just to make the race for the pole position of flavours more interesting  it now has its own rival in Vanilla Pod which has the small specks of Vanilla Black Pods visible in the Ice Cream and adds a slightly stronger more mature taste WHY NOT GIVE IT A GO?

Banoffee: Most people pronounce as Ban or Bon Toffee, like most Ice Cream Suppliers there are also some variations to the mix formula but basically it is a Plain or Vanilla Ice Cream with a Toffee or Toffee Swirl and give a great taste for the sweet toothed and toffee lovers out there the balance is normally enough to taste the toffee flavour without it overpowering the Ice Cream.

Banana: Banana Flavoured ice cream make this not only an ideal ice cream as a cone but perfect for waffles and milkshakes.